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Buckhead Atlanta

Buckhead is a massive area (covering almost the entire northern portion of the city of Atlanta) and is comprised of dozens of beautiful neighborhoods.  Although each of these neighborhoods are unique in character, your Bernstein Brokers agent is likely to initiate your Buckhead Atlanta real estate search by discussing the various Buckhead Atlanta elementary districts.

To see Buckhead homes for sale in each elementary district, please click on the elemenary school name in the table below or leverage the interative map at the bottom of this page.

Buckhead Atlanta Elementary Schools


Buckhead Geography

5th Grade GPPF State Rank (out of 1,212)

5th Grade GPPF Achievement Score (2009)

5th Grade % Exceeding Standards

FMLS Avg Sale Price 3 Year Avg

FMLS Avg Sale Price 2011

Warren T Jackson







Sarah Rawson Smith







Morris Brandon







Garden Hills







E Rivers








Buckhead Atlanta Elementary School Map

Buckhead Homes For Sale

Buckhead Atlanta Elementary School Statistics Source

School statistics contained in this web site are sourced from the Georgia Public Policy Foundation and the State Department of Education.

The detailed, high resolution city of Atlanta 2010 elementary attendance zones can be downloaded here.

In addition, any address can be entered into the APS web site to identify the elementary, middle, and high school assigned to the property.


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